Learning English at play

In the phases of their early development, learning comes easily and playfully to children. They take delight in lots of things which later become strenuous everyday school routine. This of course also applies to learning a second or third language.

At our kindergarten and day nursery facilities, English is the dominant language, which means that German children too, have access to bilingual language development. At the same time, a knowledge of German is conveyed in a fun way. Preparation for primary school is implemented in both languages.

Many Vincerola children go on to attend international, German or bilingual schools, from which we regularly receive highly positive feedback confirming the effectiveness of the playful way in which foreign languages are learned at Vincerola.

In addition, over a period of four years our children regularly took part in the ELIAS EU survey undertaken by the "Institute of English Studies II" of the University of Cologne, which focused on the teaching of language skills to preschool children. The resultant evaluation regularly confirmed the high standards of English among Vincerola children, both in terms of active and passive skills.

Since the official completion of the EU study we have been continuing the testing process internally. The Munster Technological University "Early Years Education" is our partner in the EU education project Erasmus+. Every year Irish students spend a semester abroad in our facilities.

We are members of the "Association for the early promotion of multilingual skills at day-care facilities and schools" (FMKS e.V.), and work on the basis of the immersion principle recommended by this organisation.

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